Learn about Sensu Go’s built-in dashboard

NOTE: The time has come to announce our end of life schedule for the original version of Sensu: Uchiwa will reach end of life on¬†December 31, 2019,¬†over 8 years since Sensu’s inception as an open source software project. Read the blog post, and see the guide to migrating to Sensu Go for more information.

What is Uchiwa?

Uchiwa is a simple yet effective open-source dashboard for the Sensu monitoring event pipeline.

With Uchiwa, you are able to enhance your monitoring platform:

  • Improve operational visibility with a single pane of glass
  • Build tooling against a federated API
  • Share components and services status with your stakeholders

Uchiwa is:

  • Open-source: Download it and customize it
  • Light: No dependencies and a small footprint
  • Powerful: Manage ten of thousands of servers, applications and others
  • Easy to use: Abstract complex monitoring concepts to your users